The Best Idea Since Sliced Bread: Personalized Nutrition and the Microbiome

I am such an advocate for personalized nutrition; and for several reasons, I often find standard nutritional recommendations (like the food pyramid) to be worthy of the cringe. We simply don’t respond the same way to everything we eat, so personalized nutrition is most necessary for public health improvement. Here are some simple, interesting thoughts on this emerging science.


In the future, when we’re all living like the Jetsons and flying cars are the norm , it’s likely that medicine and nutrition will be highly personalized. (Hell, Forbes projects flying cars in the next 5 years[i] so maybe this isn’t in some far-off futurity!)  I’ve been reading more and more about this concept:  for example, creating personalized probiotic blends for people based upon their genetics, disease, current microbiome state, etc.

future city flat illustration.

I spotted an interesting article[ii] yesterday that looked at individual response to eating bread.  This was a randomized trial of 20 people:  they all increased their bread consumption to about 25% of their total daily calories, some eating packaged white bread, some eating whole wheat sourdough.  After 2 weeks, the groups were reversed.  During the study, many health effects were measured including glucose levels, levels of the minerals calcium, iron and magnesium; fat and cholesterol; kidney and…

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