Substitution is the key to LONG-TERM weight loss! | WEIGHT LOSS Motivation


For many of us, losing weight can be extremely difficult, especially if one has strong emotional connections to food. I totally understand the struggle, because over a year ago I was there. For most of my life I had been considered overweight, but if you were to see me now at over 30 pounds lighter, you’d think I’m probably just joking.

You’d probably also gasp at the fact that I lost those 30 pounds very, very easily compared to most people who struggle with weight. But I’m here to tell you that weight loss, for the average person, shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems.

Weight loss shouldn’t be difficult at all!

On my health journey, I’ve realized that the biggest reason why so many people fail at losing weight, or at lifestyle changes in general, is because they value quick results more than they do gradual ones. And because they seek rapid results, people tend to initially focus on elimination more than substitution.

Elimination – Why doesn’t it work?

By “elimination,” I specifically mean slashing more than one or two negative habits at once without the realization of something beneficial filling its place; and I say realization because you could have already filled that void with something healthy without giving yourself credit. An example of elimination could be cutting bread from your diet without replacing that void with something more healthy.

This concept is immensely important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight loss in the long run.

One might believe, as I once did at the beginning of my journey, that he/she is better off cutting unhealthy foods from his/her diet all at once in fear of binging due to temptation. And we often see this elimination method in weight loss shows, where the trainer goes to the client’s home and pretty much forces the client to throw ALL of their food in the garbage bag. This is PURE NONSENSE and mentally unhealthy.

We have to be very considerate of our minds and bodies when making healthy lifestyle changes. When our bodies are used to a sedentary lifestyle and/or taking in heavily processed foods, choosing the extreme method of cutting out all processed foods at once or exercising intensely can send our minds into shock mode. Think about it, if you were used to living a regal life on the most beautiful land on earth, how would you handle being stripped of that overnight and thrown onto a desert? You’d probably break down.

I know, the scenario above is kind of extreme, but this generally seems to be how our minds operate.

Substitution – IT WORKS!

Substitution method helps us avoid the hellish experience associated with quick lifestyle changes. With substitution, lifestyle changes will feel more like walking into another room of your home rather than being forced into a new, uncomfortable, house!

When it comes to lifestyle changes for weight loss, substitution method will trick your body and mind into appreciating the new healthy additions to your lifestyle, because you have given your body a comfortable space to conform.

Before you know it, your body will learn to appreciate what is healthy more than the unhealthy! You will be filled with more energy and your life will be a lot more vibrant! Take it from me!

Here are some examples of small substitutions that make a big difference for weight loss:

  • Substitute 1 hour of sitting with 1 hour of walking
  • Substitute processed snacks with a tasty salad
  • Substitute more of your animal foods (in a meal) with plant-based foods
    • not those processed vegetarian foods! Big no no!
  • Substitute water for sugary drinks
    • these are FILLED with simple sugars that raise blood glucose and insulin levels dramatically and inhibit FAT LOSS.
  • Substitute some fruit with more leafy vegetables
  • Substitute salad dressing with vinegar and lemon juice
  • Substitute dairy with nut milks

This list can go on for pages, but I’m sure you get the point.

Simple substitutions, made gradually, are the key for LONG-TERM weight loss! And they make the transition to a healthy lifestyle feel great!

In a later post, I will fully detail how I lost my 30 pounds!

PLEASE like and share if you took anything beneficial from this post. Feel free to comment below or message me via my contact page if you have any comments or questions. Let’s start a discussion!

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