Five motivations for healthy living and living past 100!

“The first person to live to 150 has already been born.” – David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School

Is it possible to live to 150? Why on earth would anyone even want to live that long?

Those are questions I’m sure everybody has asked themselves in some fashion at some random point in their lives. I mean, I ask myself those questions pretty much every week; and it’s not so much out of obsession, but more so out of genuine curiosity.

I believe that in this century, we will see the average human lifespan pushed to either inconceivable new heights or to an unexpected low. In order to witness the former, it will take individuals who recognize that the conventional idea of aging is the thickest wall blocking us from making centenarian (someone who lives past 100) the norm. In order to fully pierce through that wall we, as a society, have to begin asking ourselves deeper questions:

  • What is aging?
  • How does aging relate to chronic illness?
  • Why would aging slower benefit me and society as a whole?
  • What can I do NOW to start my slow aging journey?

To various degrees, more of us have to realize the scientist and the doctor within us if we want to experience perfect health and push the limits of longevity. But first, we need to explore our motivations for living healthier and living longer!

If you’re having trouble coming up with specific motivations, here are a 5 of my broad ones:

  1. Living longer and healthier will allow you more time and opportunities to pursue your dreams and realize/achieve your highest life purpose!
  2. Living a more health-conscious lifestyle will obviously improve your health and most-likely prevent serious illness.
    • DUH!? That’s a given.
  3. Minding your health can/will prevent the burden of healthcare costs in your future.
    • Another duh!
  4. Eating healthy foods will make you happier and might even change the way you perceive life.
    • Not the other way around!
    • Balancing my gut microbiome balanced my mind. No kidding. (A future post)
  5. The more healthy a society becomes, the more positive it will be.
    • Nutrition and cognition are tightly linked!
    • As the US becomes healthier, more resources can be allocated to other non-health-related societal issues.

From the list above, it is clear how mostly non-superficial and important the anti-aging/longevity movement really is! In choosing to live healthier, you are (in essence) choosing to be a health and longevity advocate, as your individual health impacts the health of those around you, and thus the health of society as a whole.

Still questioning whether or not you can or want to live to 150? Explore and question with me!


Feel free to comment below or message me via the contact page to start a conversation!


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